Movie „The Century of Sailing Ships”

Directed by Dženeta Marinska

„The Century of Sailing Ships” is a story about faith in oneself, faith in one’s nation, and ardent tenacity of purpose. The personality and ideas of Krišjānis Valdemārs – a spiritual leader of the first Latvian National Awakening and influential promoter of Latvian-Livonian seafaring – permeate the whole story. In the early 19th century Latvian peasants were still serfs, but they trusted to Valdemārs' ideas. So naval schools were established and ship building industry launched along the coast where Latvian and Livonian people lived. In the late 19th century they already had their own merchant fleet and sailors from this area used to be met in almost every sea port all around the world. This story takes us to the Livonian villages where Livonian ships and their captains began their sea voyages during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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