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Sea Festival "Cape Kolka 975" on July 18, 2015

   Were the Great Sea (Baltic Sea) and the Small Sea (Gulf of Riga) meet we welcome guests from near and far to celebrate sea festival!

   Cape Kolka was first mentioned on the Mervalla stone. The rune stone stands in the middle of a meadow in an island called Selaoen in Sweden. The text in the stone: “Sigrid had this stone put up after her husband Sven. He often sailed to Semgallien (Zemgale) with expensive ship (meaning loaded with expensive goods) around Domesnaes (Cape Kolka)."

   Cape Kolka is a place amid neverending motion and change. No matter if there is winter, summer, storms or lull. It will always surprise you with something new, something amazing and beautiful.

   You can expect surprises on July 18 as well. Lord of the Sea is planning to attend. There will be concerts, parties, fireworks, arts & crafts market, sport activities, Cape Kolka history on display, exhibition of local amateur photography and items washed out by the sea. A chance to make sand sculptures and enjoy local seafood. Along with local musicians and performers there will be guests - Czech folk music ensemble.

   We dedicate this festival to this unique and wonderful place. And we welcome you to join us!

   This is how you can find us: Latvia, Kurzeme, Slitere national park, Liv Coast, Kolka village, Cape Kolka. Take a look at maps!

See you!

Photo: Jānis Mednis, 2004.