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Kolka cape beach has been included in World's Top 50 untouched beaches on top's 20th position

Canadian online travel organization portal has created a top  - World's Top 50 Untouched beaches. Cape Kolka beach has been included in this top in the high 20th position among the beaches from all over the world like South Africa, Namibia, Crete, Iceland, Tasmania, Bali etc. The top has been made by more than 1200 travel journalists, bloggers, editors and travel agencies from around the world. They describe these top beaches: "A magical wonderland of beaches exists beyond the common knowledge of many avid travelers. These beaches are off-the-beaten-path, stunningly exotic, and free from throngs of tourists – in short, these beaches are where you’ll find paradise." 

Cape Kolka beach is located in Slitere National park's area, so nature processes have not been affected by people so much, the landscape is close to pristine and wild. The sheer untouched beauty and remoteness is evaluated 9 out of 10 in this top. Every traveller is welcome to feel the beauty of nature in cape Kolka!

Cape Kolka beach on the top can be found here.