Cape Kolka

   Cape Kolka is a meeting point, granted by the Nature. Here come together the seas and nations, the Human and the Nature, a sunrise and a sunset. Thanks to public and private funding that went together here in Cape Kolka, we keep taking care for this place all year round.

Our goal is to develop Cape Kolkas as an ecotourism attraction that is recognized both nationally and internationally.

   Awareness of values - ages, environment, nature and humans, a vast vision and farseeing perspective together with far-reaching human behaviour - will decide wether the future generations will be able to enjoy untouched nature, the clean sea, forests, rivers, lakes, homes, well-cared-for environment and well-kept cultural and historic monuments. We want to leave behind a legacy - the fabulous and mystical national beauty - for the future generations to admire.

Cape Kolka is the treasure that belongs to all of us together.

What is Cape Kolka today?

Jobs for local people


During summer season internship opportunities for students

Support for local craftsmen - a souvenir shop


Space for creative souls to express themselves

Friendly environment for families :)