Visitors' centre

   Greetings to Cape Kolka guests from Kolkasrags information and visitors' centre! We provide tourism information, take care of Cape Kolka area, organize and support cultural and educational projects, promote Livonian (Liv) Coast cultural heritage, Latvian national values, local traditions and environmentally frendly lifestyle.

Welcome to Cape Kolka!

  • Tourism information
  • Souvenirs
  • Picknic places
  • Car parking
  • Refreshments & snacks
  • WC & shower
  • Information stands - Cape Kolka, Kolka's lighthouses, Slitere National Park, Soviet era in Courland coastal areas, Krišjānis Valdemārs and shipping
  • In summertime there is open cafe, info - Sigita 28658791.

Car parking May-September

Motorbike          1,00 € / h
Motorcar                  2,00 € / h
Minibuss  3,50 € / h
Buss         5,00 € / h

Car parking October-April

Motorbike   1,00 € / per day
Motorcar                   2,00 € / per day
Minibuss    3,50 € / per day
Buss         5,00 € / per day

   Using the parking lot for overnight stay in your own car 10 € / per night. 

   Visitors' centre is open all year round ensuring services for our guests and opportunities to enjoy tidy and nice place. Opening hours after 15th of October - Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, day's of storms from 11:00 till last visitor.

Cape Kolka as a natural site is never closed and accessible to everybody anytime.