Coastal processes at Cape Kolka

   Thanks to aerial photographers Jānis Vītiņš, Jānis Mednis, Madars Mileiko, Mihails Ignats, Arturs Dombrovskis (Grafiskās Vides Pasaule) and I.Eliasson, we have acquired wonderful images, that gives us the opportunity to see our beloved Cape Kolka from a bird's viewpoint.

In year 2000, there used to be rather wide strip of land, covered with meadows, at the Gulf of Riga side of the Cape.

Photo: Jānis Vītiņš, 2000.

   Then, as a result of strong storms, the sea approached close to forest washing away around 3 ha of land. This change can be seen in photos, taken in 2004.

Photo: Jānis Mednis, 2004.

Photo: Jānis Mednis, 2004.

During the recent years, the very top of the Cape has acquired rather wide area of white-sanded beach.

Photo: Madars Mileiko, July 2010.

Photo: Mihails Ignats, May 2011.

Photo: Mihails Ignats, June 2011.

Photo: Madars Mileiko, July 2011.

Photo: Madars Mileiko, July 2011.

Photo: Mihails Ignats & Arta Pugule-Ignate, AEROLATVIJA SIA. Summer 2016.

Photo: Arturs Dombrovskis (Grafiskās Vides Pasaule), October 2016.