Slītere National Park

   Cape Kolka lies within a nature protected area - the Slītere National Park. Travellers are welcome to explore its natural wonders as well as cultural heritage!

   During the high season from May 1 to October 15, you are welcome to the Lighthouse of Slītere and to Slītere Nature Path. If you prefer enjoying your travel in early springs, late falls and white winters, you will always find what to see here. Slītere National Park offers plenty of routes for your enjoyment - cycling routesroutes for hikerswildlife watchersbird watcherscar drivers, and for boating.

Please remember that you must obey some rules while staying in nature protected area! In Slītere National Park it is prohibited:

  • to visit zones of nature reserve;
  • to drive off the roads of general use and to use mechanized vehicles in coastal dunes and beaches;
  • to build tents and make fire outside specially designated sites;
  • to use sport watercraft outside specially designated sites;
  • to use special devices for gathering of wild berries;
  • to allow dogs run free without a leash and a muzzle;
  • to fish in the rivers Ķikans and Pitragupe, lake Pēterezers and in Vaide Pond without a permission from the Slītere National Park administration.

   More information in the Slītere National Park web page! There are also amazing videos of wild animals in their natural habitat for your enjoyment!

Enjoy your stay!